Frequently Asked Questions

Is MAASIN CHESS CLUB INC. a legal entity?
Yes. MAASIN CHESS CLUB INC. is duly-registered as a stock corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of the Philippines. It's company registration number is 2021100028444-07. It was incorporated on the 9th of October Two Thousand Twenty One.
What is a Maasin Chess Club membership?
As a stock corporation, MAASIN CHESS CLUB INC. is wholly-owned by its stockholders. MAASIN CHESS CLUB INC. owns and operates Maasin Chess Club. A Maasin Chess Club member is a person who registers and subscribes for a monthly fee in order to enjoy the benefits and previleges that the chess clubhouse offers. A chess club member is not an owner of MAASIN CHESS CLUB INC. Only the stockholders own MAASIN CHESS CLUB INC.
Does MAASIN CHESS CLUB INC. sell stocks to the public?
How does one become a member of Maasin Chess Club?
A person of who wishes to become a member of Maasin Chess Club must create an account at this site, fill out the membership form at the chess clubhouse, and pay the registration fee of ₱1000.
How much is the monthly due of a Maasin Chess Club member?
₱200.00 every 30 days from the date of registration.
What are some of the benefits and previleges that a chess club member enjoy?
Club members enjoy the following: free club shirt upon registration; free registration to the National Chess Federation of the Philippines; free entry to any FIDE-rated tournaments organized by MAASIN CHESS CLUB INC.; may play at any FIDE-rated tournaments here in the Philippines and abroad; may play at the chess clubhouse at no additional cost.
Does the chess club offer chess tutorials?
Yes. The club offers free chess tutorials to beginners. Please contact the club for more details on this matter.
Can anyone sponsor a chess tournament?
Yes. If you would like to sponsor a chess tournament, please contact MAASIN CHESS CLUB INC. using the form at https://maasinchess.club/contact/. As an affiliate of the National Chess Federation of the Philippines, MAASIN CHESS CLUB INC. can only organize a FIDE-rated tournament. The formats that are available are the following: Blitz, Rapid, and Standard.